Zim – Tool Shoutout

Just a quick post to say, I have come to love Zim.

I found my notes on this hack (plans, discoveries, changes made, etc.) started becoming a bit unmanageable as a simple few text documents. After looking for a better way to manage everything, I came across Zim, which is just a lightweight, local wiki for storing all your info.

I’ve started rewriting my notes in there, and it has already smoothed the flow of recording and reminding in my notes. Highly recommended.

Now, I’m starting to think about hacking via a version control system, to keep all my little changes as there own patches. I have very little knowledge of them, and not sure if it is possible. VCS is normally just for textual changes, as would happen with source code – how reliable are they at picking up Hex diffs? Has anyone else tried this before?

Food for thought. Anyway, back to compiling my notes!

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