The Death of GitHub


So, it’s official – Microsoft has bought GitHub for a whopping $7.5B – enough to make Dr Evil’s pinky head mouth-ward.

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QYTTS Update – v0.7

So, it appears the YouTube search result page slightly changed it’s format, and broke my scraper. My trailer scraping script QYTTS has now been updated, and you can find it on Github



No longer on GitHub, my code can now be found on

QYTTS – Trailer Scraper for Kodi

For a few years now, I’ve been running a Kodi setup on various Raspberry Pi’s to live behind my telly. Currently on RPi 3, and OSMC is my distro of choice (clean, simple, smooth, and fast!).  One plugin came to my attention which I found to be marvelous, called Cinema Experience. And I’ve managed to tailor it further to my needs through some BASH script magic…


Either read on, or click the pic to see the GitHub notabug repo.

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